Islamic States Think Tanks Platform

ISTTP contributes to the sharing of information and ideas, in the perspective of “Civilization of Peace and Cooperation”, among the think tanks of Islamic countries on political, socio-cultural and economic developments in Turkey, the region and the world.

International Development & Cooperation Platform of NGOs

USTKIP promotes international collaboration of non-governmental organizations to effectively contribute to the resolution of their regional issues. 

Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023 Project

“Reaching to the contemporary civilization level” in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, as targeted by Atatürk can only be achieved by creating a vision that has certain targets and implementing policies by determining the strategies that will help achieving these targets.

The Political Communication Institute

The Political Communication Institute promotes the Turkish society to collaboratively produce solutions to problems by investigating and researching them through means of political and communication sciences.

World Turkic Forum

The World Turkic Forum brings together Turks from across the world, citizens of Turkic Republics, representatives of the Turkic world and NGOs in the framework of social and economic issues in order to exchange experiences and jointly organize events.